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SMH Insurance has been rated as one of the Best Health Insurance Agencies in Richmond, Virginia for 2022 by finds and reviews the top service professionals in over 200 industries across the U.S. each month. They research more than 60,000 businesses to help customers find the best-qualified professional for their needs. is always evolving their research process to keep up with industry changes, they’re confident that when they say a provider like us (SMH Insurance) is one of the best, it is. scored 3,804 Health Insurance Agencies in Richmond, VA and Picked the Top 14. Of the top 14 Best rated health insurance agencies we were only 1 of 6 to receive the best ratings that are awarded by

SMH Insurance Received Reputation A Rating (Highest Rating)

We received an A Rating for Reputation, which is the highest available by To assess the Reputation rating scours the internet for reviews from well-known resources.  We were evaluated based on the quality and quantity of our reviews. Our presence on multiple review sites and our average minimum ratings.

SMH Insurance Received Professionalism A+ Rating (Highest Rating) hired mystery shoppers to call us anonymously. We were evaluated by responding quickly when a person called or emailed us requesting information and by answering questions thoroughly. We received the highest ratings for all 4 categories from the mystery shoppers.  

Responsiveness: A+

Friendliness: A+

Helpfulness: A+

Detail: A+ verified that all statements listed on our website as facts

SMH Insurance is a Richmond-based independent insurance firm that has been in operation since 2001. It specializes in Medicare insurance, term life insurance, group health plans, individual health insurance, temporary health insurance, and disability insurance. Steven Hughes, the president of SMH Insurance, has been a licensed local insurance agent since 1991. The company is an accredited agent with Independent Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. 

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