Protect Your Family with Term Life Insurance

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Protect your Family with  Term Life Insurance

Protect your Family with a term life insurance policy. SMH Insurance Agency can assist you with buying a Term Life Insurance policy that provides protection for your loved ones if something happens to you. Because even though we don’t like to think about the unexpected, it happens. The loss of your income would bring immediate financial hardship for your family. Term Life insurance is the cheapest way to assure your family can maintain financial wellbeing and meet financial obligations at affordable premium. Protect Your Family If you pass away, your spouse and children will, obviously, lose your income. This could mean having to sell the house, that your spouse would need to get a second job, and that your family could not maintain the same lifestyle. With the death of a loved one, a family’s life is changed forever.

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When you buy a Term Life Insurance you can protect your biggest asset and insure yourself. Your income is by far your biggest and most important asset to insure. If your income averages $50,000 a year over your working years, this is about a $2,000,000 asset; a $100,000 income is about a $4,000,000 asset. Most people don’t have 10 times their annual salary saved. That’s around what would be needed to pay expenses for your family if you’re gone. Many of you may already have life insurance, but in many cases it’s not enough.

SMH Insurance provides free unbiased term life insurance quotes for the top insurance companies, so you can select which policy best meets your needs. We make it easy to save money when you to buy a Term Life Insurance in the Central Richmond Virginia area.

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