Self Employed Group Health Insurance Plans Richmond Virginia

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Self Employed Group Health Insurance Plans Richmond Virginia

Self Employed Group Health Insurance Plans in Richmond, Virginia. Effective 07-01-2018 Virginia law now allows the self-employed to qualify for a one-person group policy. This law requires all health insurers in Virginia to offer the self-employed group health coverage.  

One Person Group Health Insurance Policy Benefits

Enrolling as a one-person group as many benefits compared to purchasing an individual Affordable Care Act plan. In the Richmond, Virginia market for 2022 you only of a choice of a select few individual HMO Affordable Care Act plans compare to the over 100 plans that Anthem & United HealthCare offers a one-person group in the Richmond market. You will have access to a much larger number of doctors and hospitals with a group policy compared to an individual affordable care act policy. Group Health Insurance premiums trend to be less than individual health plans.  

Who Qualifies for One Person Group:

Sole Proprietors or S Corporations with no employees and no partners. You must work full time for your business and have filed a tax return for the previous tax year.

Tax Documents Required for Enrollment:

· Sole ProprietorshipSchedule C (Form 1040) Profit or Loss Form Business   

· S Corporation: Schedule K-1 (IRS Form 1120S)

We Provide All Group Quotes Free of Charge

We provide all self-employed group health insurance quotes free of charged with no obligation to purchase. I’ll review the quoted plan benefits and premiums in detail with you until you have an understanding of the value of the group policy features. Please contact Steven Hughes for your proposal for a self-employed group health insurance plan in Virginia. Since 1991 Steven has specialized working with Self-Employed to help them find the best health policy to meets their needs.   

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