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Allstate Benefits Self Funded Group Health Plans

Self-Funded group health plans offered by Allstate Benefits savings can add up to big savings in Virginia. A Self-Funded health plan can help small to mid-size employers find a medical policy for their employees that best suits their needs and budget. A Self-Funded program often offers a more affordable option compared to traditional Affordable Care Act fully insurance medical plans. With traditional fully insured medical insurance you will never receive a refund of premiums paid even if you have zero dollar claims. With a traditional fully insured plan you don’t have control over how the insurance company spends that money and you’ll never see those premium dollars paid again. With the Self-Funded program, you only pay for claims that are actually incurred by your employees. In years when your health insurance claims are lower than expected, you may receive a refund of premiums paid. This can add up to huge savings for your employees medical insurance. About 60% of Allstate groups receive a partial refund of premiums paid. The Self-Funded program is available in Virginia for groups with 2 or more employees. Contact us today for a free no obligation proposal.

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